June 14, 2019

Best practices for posting on Coil

At Coil, we want to support all types of creators across the Web. The following best practices are intended to serve as a foundational guide for showcasing your best work.

Best practices for articles

• Craft a clear and compelling headline for your article.

• Unleash your creativity. Be original rather than simply aggregating the work of others. Do not plagiarize.

• Review your work before publishing to clean up typos and ensure the formatting is pleasing to the eye.

• Include a header image. If you use imagery with the permission of another creator, be sure to credit them in your post. Unsplash is an excellent and free source for imagery. Be sure that your images and videos don’t violate any copyrights.

• Avoid CTA’s (call to actions) or asking directly for upvotes.

• Don’t write a post for the sole purpose of selling or promoting a product or service.

• Make sure your content doesn’t infringe on our Terms of Service. For example, copyright infringement, gambling and pornography are not permitted on Coil.

We can’t wait to see your best work!

Best practices for web-monetized links

The amount of creativity and great content on the Web is too big to live on one single platform. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to share your web content on Coil. To learn how to set up your web content for Web Monetization check out the Help Center and Docs.

Besides the technical aspects, make sure you follow these best practices for posting links on Coil:

• Come up with a clear headline for your post.

• Make sure the site you link to includes the og:image tag.

• Avoid clickbait and don’t mislead the reader.

• Make sure your content doesn’t infringe on our Terms of Service.

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