February 13, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #12

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we've rounded up some of our favorite posts on love, relationships and singledom.

Valentines cards from schoolmates, 1990s

by Billie Paige

We love the 90s and we love retro, so naturally we love Billie Paige. It's amusing and heart warming to see how a number of these Valentine cards have characters that never went out of style.

Saint Valentine's Day +1

by Deyner López Fernández

We've never thought Valentine's Day was just for couples, but for those looking to celebrate singledom, there's a day for that. Table for one on February 15th, please! 🍾

Valentine's Day Special: Best Love Songs

by Sophie Chanko

We agree with Sophie - "Nothing conveys the emotions of love quite like a song." Fire up this playlist to set the mood.

3 Ways to Reignite Passion Back Into Your Long-Term Relationship

by Christian Rizea

Valentine's Day is a perfect time for a relationship check-up. This insightful post walks you through the six stages of relationships, and guides you through "repairing the relationship trap" and "speaking your lover's language."

Valentines Day in the 80s

by Billie Paige

We love Billie's Valentine's Day posts so much, we couldn't feature just one. This little medley should tug at the heart strings of the Gen X'ers and Millennials who went to grade school in the 80s.

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