February 21, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #13

More fantastic content from the fantastic creators on Coil!

African Movie Posters; Part 3

by Colin the Crypto Ocelot

Colin uncovers the “unexpected art” of African movie posters from the 80s and 90s and dissects the good, the bad and the ugly.

Notes From Japan: Recommended Japanese Films

by Daniel Davis

There’s no shortage of film buffs and fans of Japanese culture at Coil, so naturally we were drawn to this short list by Daniel Davis. Plus, on the heels of an international film taking best picture at the Oscars, we’re excited to explore other unsung gems from around the world.

Birds of Prey - non spoilery

by Adam Waring

Along with some startling facts about diversity in Hollywood, Adam Waring offers praise for recently released Birds of Prey in his spoiler-free praise review.

Mongol Rally - The Beginning

by KarstnDE

The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental road trip spanning roughly a dozen countries filled with crazy cars, camping, and a lot of fun people. We’re excited to follow their epic journey!

Travel around the world with 3D printing

by Patricia C

We love 3D printing and we love the fun Patricia C and her hubby had creating this world tour!

It’s Political Season in the United States

by Stephen Chip

Regardless of where you fall on the political landscape, it’s hard not to find a wee bit of amusement in these wacky gag gifts.

No Warrant? No Problem

by NickelNDime

NickelNDime shares his unsettling story of a run-in with the local police. The sound of your neighbor’s dog barking will never sound the same.

Appraising Your Assumptions

by Derek Groen

Derek Groen dives into the assumptions people make on a daily basis and how they can shape our view on the world.

Flood Escape (Winter Level)

by Andrzej Mazur

It’s no secret that we love Flood Escape and now we love its wintery update. Check it out along with other web monetized flash games at Enclave Games.

My LightHouse Art Sculpture - The Reveal

by Dani Torres

It’s incredible to see just how much work went into Dani Torres’ impressive lighthouse sculpture.

Life of a Contractor

by Michael B

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom or kitchen, this insider perspective will be of interest. It’s also good to know that a nice cup of coffee can go a long way.

I love drinking old wine!

by Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith - the awesome resident wine expert on Coil - explains why some wines are meant to be consumed immediately and some can be aged for decades.

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