March 11, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #15

More fantastic content from the fantastic creators on Coil!

The Domino Effect of the Coronavirus

by Lego Maracas

Unfortunately, many of us can’t help but be consumed by the Covid-19 headlines and disruptions to our daily lives. As Lego underscores, the best thing we can do is be prepared rather than panic.

Pray for Nashville

by Riley Q

We were relieved to know one of our favorite creators was safe following the destructive tornadoes that tore through Nashville. We are indeed keeping Nashville in our thoughts.

Spacehulk: Deathwing Review

by Macropolo

We could all use a diversion right now, and this excellent game review from Macropolo provides just that!

The Worst St. Paddy’s Gig I’ve Played... Ever!

by NickelNDime

Nickel never seems to be short on stories, so it is no surprise he has a painfully hilarious tale to share from one of the rowdiest holidays of the year.

Unsung Creatives: Peter Nguyen

by Adam Waring

Adam is branching out from sharing his own work and helping to shine a light on talented, unsung creatives.

101 Riddles

by Comedy

This list of mind benders should give you an endless supply of riddles to stump and annoy your friends and family with.

Ancient Pandemics: their effects on the prevailing World order

by Deyner López Fernández

In the midst of an incessant barrage of Coronavirus media coverage, Deyner reminds us that pandemics are as old as humanity itself.

Introduction - BudWhiteGaming 🎮

by Bud White Gaming

We love seeing gamers embrace Coil and Cinnamon! We also love how Bud is using the new embed feature that lets creators seamlessly add Cinnamon videos to posts on Coil.

Behind the Lens -8- A Shot in the Dark

by Michael B

The talented photographer, Michael B, explains why capturing the perfect night shot is an equally beautiful and challenging endeavor.

Bank of America CEO Pissed that Ripple Hasn’t Announced Partnership Yet (Satire)

by XRPtheStandardProductions

If Saturday night live looking to do a Ripple skit, we know who a writer they should call. 😜

How to Handle Debts in a Divorce

by Ryan Luke

Personal finance blogger, Ryan Luke, provides some pragmatic advice and a guide for navigating debt in divorce.

Can We Just Set it and Forget it?

by Stephen Chip

Stephen Chip addresses a question many of us have: Why is the US still locked into Daylight Savings?

Brew! - Old Ale

by Srdan Vocanec

Our favorite beer critic is back with another round of Brew! In this edition, he takes a dive into Old Ales. We could all use one right about now.

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