March 20, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #16

Creators are vital to our joy and enduring #QuarentineLife. Don't forget to support them. Stay healthy and safe! #InThisTogether.

Coronavirus Tech Handbook

Link shared by Desigan Chinniah

This invaluable crowdsourced coronavirus tech handbook is web monetized. Check it out and show your support!

Tips for Working Remotely and Enjoying It!

By David Walsh

David Walsh shares his tips to help ease the transition for the unprecedented number of people working from home. Babysitters and home school teachers not included.

Not All Sports Are Canceled…

by BudWhiteGaming

We all miss our favorite sports teams and national pastimes. Streamer BudWhiteGaming has a therapy to ease your pain: join the millions around the globe who can't get enough of eSports.

Mazer Gaming

The first web monetized eSports team is here to help provide some much needed diversion and we're proud to sponsor their Smash $1k Tournament. Check them out and enter before 10 am ET on Sunday, March 22.

Call of Duty: Warzone Review

by Macropolo

Since most of us are wisely "sheltering in place" and "social distancing," now is a great time to pickup or reconnect with gaming. Macropolo has another free-to-play recommendation to help keep us occupied during these challenging times.

Which Lighting?

by Kassjan Smyczek

If you’re thinking about filming your own artistic process and creations, Kassjan is a must follow. This post is all about the lighting.

Premiere Napa Valley: The Best Trade Event in the Wine Industry!

by Alexander Smith

Remember when we could attend events and greet one another with a clink of a wine glasses? That will happen again, but in the meantime, let Alexander transport you to Napa Valley’s finest. We also recommend his post, A thought for Italy and the Hospitality Industry.


by Moncho

The speed in which "flatten the curve" has become part of the vernacular is both astounding and necessary.

Economic Cliff Diving

by Doctor Change

Just as the Covid-19 news seems to evolve minute-to-minute, so does economic news from around the globe. Doctor Change provides a thoughtful, albeit not necessarily comforting, perspective.

How to Survive an Economic Crisis

by Panos Mekras

Panos provides some vital tips for navigating and preparing for economic shocks.

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Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s favorite posts and web monetized content from the previous week. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections have been published or linked on Coil and are listed in random order.

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