October 31, 2019

Coil Staff Picks #2

We hope you enjoy our eclectic mix of selections as much as we do!

The Glorious World of Knockoff Toys Part 2

by Colin the Crypto Ocelot

Colin the Crypto Ocelot has compiled a collection of downright hilarious toy knockoffs for us to point and laugh at. Not sure what to get your kids for their birthday? How about a New Style Ninja Tortoise or Knight Rider Becames Robert action figure? That should light your child's face with a smile... or cause some confusion.

Weekly Readings: Ray Bradbury

by Miguel Sepulveda

Miguel Sepulveda is always digging up gems for us to read with his book reviews. For those in need of some reading material on the shorter side, check out Miguel's weekly readings where he highlights short stories from famous authors. This week's reading; a short story from none other than the Fahrenheit 451 author, Ray Bradbury.

Urban Gladiators

by Adam Waring

Adam Waring promised comics, and he has delivered. The first issue of Urban Gladiators is out on Coil. The comic styling utilizes a blend of photography and art to create a unique look that we are excited to see more of. Congratulations to Adam for posting the first original comic to the platform!

How I lost 80 Pounds

by Dustin Sandrell

Stories like Dustin Sandrell's weight loss journey are simply inspiring. Excellent job on obtaining your health goals Dustin, and thank you for sharing with us!

When History is Relatable as AF

by Lauren Lewis

The internet is filled with cat videos and endless ways for us to numb our minds, so it is a refreshing change to actually learn a thing or two while being entertained. In comes self-described armchair historian Lauren Lewis and her witty and informative article on Thomas Becket, adviser to King Henry II.

The Blab with Wietse Wind

by Ramon Ramentol (aka Moncho)

Ramon Ramentol (aka Moncho) is practically famous for his unwavering support of the One More Home charity. His new series, appropriately named The Blab, will have him interviewing some of the most renowned XRP experts about anything other than XRP. Get to know the people behind the tech with Ramon's new series. First up, the developer of the XRP Tip Bot and all around great guy, Wietse Wind.

Coil Skeptics: Jumping the Hurdles

by Riley Q

Once again, Riley Q offers thoughtful perspective and advice for her fellow creators. This informed article outlines all the questions and concerns we commonly see in regards to Coil and content monetization.

Celebrating the 6th Anniversary of 'More Than A Man' Album


We love musicians on Coil, and we love that rapper XRPLLAMA is celebrating the anniversary of his first album with the community.

Homemade cute bunny bread

by Nagisa Roou

Who does not like bread? More importantly, who does not like chocolate filled bread shaped like adorable little bunny rabbits? Nagisa Roou gives us everything we need to make these delicious treats in step-by-step fashion.

Disco Elysium

by Macropolo

Macropolo is an avid gamer, constantly on the lookout for those undiscovered or underrated games that the mainstream players are missing out on. His passion for these games shines through in every post, and his review of Disco Elysium is no exception.

Java: The Introduction - Part 2

by Syed Mihan Chistie

This 16-year old loves to code. Now he’s sharing the love with a tutorial series. If you always wanted to code, but haven’t had the time or resources, check out his site and Coil posts on Java programming.

Pacific Coast Road Trip - L.A. to San Fran

by Kristin Smith

Interested in taking a spectacular road trip along the Pacific Coast of the US? Kristin Smith has you covered. Check out her recommendations for all the great spots along California's breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway.

A Short Story Attempt- my first one

by Patricia C

Patricia C always has something interesting going on, ranging from her tasty recipes to her reflections on life and musings on Coil and XRP. In her first attempt at a short story, she chronicles a man who learns to appreciate every moment in life following a near death experience.

Like a Boss: Chapter 2

by Steven Sands

Steven Sands, aka VengefulSeven, always seems to have a new project in the works. We're excited to read his developing self-help novel that will be exclusively posted on Coil. This chapter is all about “The Sinking Ship” and the signs that will signal it’s time to put your escape plan in motion.

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