October 8, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #27

We relished in the bits of advice and the many things to be learned from the creators and developers included in our latest picks. Enjoy!

Moon-Viewing (お月見)

by Crypto Eri

Ever glance up at the moon and see a man? What about a rabbit? Discover the art of "moon-viewing" with Crypto Eri.

We Learn Code

If you're struggling to learn to code or feeling like you don't fit in the tech industry, Ali will help you shake it off and lift you up.


This free smart music link service allows artists to reach their entire audience with a single link. Plus, its smart algorithm creates rich landing pages that link out to over a dozen music streaming platforms.

The Detechtor

The Detechtor keeps you up to date with all the latest tech releases and news, while keeping you in tune with the way tech effects our lives.

Choice Theory

by MommaLeeLee

Uncovering and embracing the ten axioms of Choice Theory can have a positive influence on your life and the way you choose to live it.

The List

The List is an excellent source for events and entertainment in the UK and serves up an array of editorial content including recommendations, interviews, previews, reviews and features.

Best Savings Accounts of 2020

by Ryan Luke

Ryan Luke rounds up his picks for the best savings accounts of 2020. Higher savings rates from unexpected players - hello, Marcus - may be in your future.

The History of the Web

Jay Hoffman chronicles the history of the Web in a snackable fashion.

Hair Care: Homemade products

by Innakay

Ditch the unknown chemicals in your store bought hair products and learn how to make your very own.

ILP Torrent - Web(Monetization)Torrent for Creators

by Sabine Bertram

Sabine shares how content creators can distribute their work via Web Torrent while being paid for it using WebMonetization. She dubs it ILP Torrent.

About Staff Picks

Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s recent favorite web monetized posts and content. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections are listed in random order.

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