December 3, 2020

Coil Staff Picks #29

From lion's mane mushrooms to Inked and Switched on Pop, our latest picks will enthrall you!


The Web Monetization ecosystem just got infused with the essence of cool now that Inked is in the mix.

Switched On Pop

The winner of the 2020 Webbys Best Arts & Culture Podcast is as divine to listen to as it is pretty to look at.

Make Every Team an "A" Team

by Casio Wiser

The old adage "there's no 'I' in team" may be true, but Casio reminds us of the many self-improvement benefits associated with effective teamwork.

Idiosyncrasies of the HTML parser

Unravel the strange behaviors of the HTML parser in this web monetized tome.

Getting to Know: Lion's Mane Mushrooms

by Rashon Massey

Truly, positively, the craziest mushrooms you've ever seen! Fortunately, they're reportedly as good for you as they are visually wild.

Top tips for booking a cheap holiday

by Chelsea Dickenson

Who isn't dreaming of a day when we can once again take to the skies in a carefree fashion? Get a head start on planning for that vision by steeping in these money saving strategies.

Girls Trip- Better Than Therapy

by MommaLeeLee

Take a trip with MommaLeeLee and learn how spending time with those who understand you allow you to live in the present.

Emily Underworld

Take your self-care to another level by immersing yourself in Emily's Underworld.

Christmas Movie Cheer

by BurntEnds88

BurntEnds88's holiday movie picks hit different.

About Staff Picks

Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s recent favorite web monetized posts and content. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections are listed in random order.

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