November 7, 2019

Coil Staff Picks #3

From dance and MozFest to games, travel and beer, there's no shortage of fun in this week's picks!

Academic Works + Micropayments = Money to the Minds

by Doctor Change

Doctor Change pitches a rather brilliant concept for Coil and Web Monetization: academic research databases. With so many research journals locking academic articles behind paywalls, perhaps now is the time to reimagine how people access and support these works.

Why I'm Not Doing Live Shows

by Riley Q

Riley Q is always finding ways to debunk common perceptions of the music industry. In this week's post, she discusses live shows and why they may not be as vital to a rising musician's career as one might think.

To Love and to Be Loved

By Mancel

We love Mancel Lindsey's poems, paintings, and reflective thoughts. To Love And Be Loved is a beautiful poem. Oh, and congratulations on your book announcement, Mancel!

Walk Your Own World (Game World 4)

by Derek Groen

Derek Groen is a lecturer in Computer Science at Brunel University London, teaching games and research simulations. We feel privileged to have him sharing a how-to series with the community on how to code your own game.

Grant for the Web @ MozFest 2019

by Jamiel Laurence

It was awesome to meet members of the Coil and Grant for the Web communities at MozFest, including dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker, Jamiel Laurence. We love how Jamiel stepped out of his comfort zone, and we're grateful shared his insightful and unique perspective on this legendary festival.

Urban Gladiators- Round 2

by Adam Waring

Adam Waring has released the next round of his stylistic Urban Gladiator series, and the Coil gamers are loving it!

A Scrawny Teen Turned Family Man

by Ken Melendez

This heartwarming tale of Ken Melendez meeting his wife and starting a family is chicken soup for the soul.

Who am I?

by Orlando Buck (aka Big Buck)

Orlando Buck aka Big Buck is a well known advocate of the Filter for Hope cause. In this piece, we get to know the man behind the cause as he chronicles the major moments of his accomplished life.

Brew Craft beer- pt 2

By Srdan Vocanec

Traveling photographer, Srdan Vocanec, is apparently also an expert on craft beers as well. Enjoy this informed article on what exactly qualifies as a craft beer along with a beer review that you can practically taste.

On Top of the World

by Lars Persson

Lars Persson’s six month long trip to China in 1986 is told in a way that makes it seem like it happened yesterday. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey with him and more great tales of his travels.

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