February 24, 2021

Coil Staff Picks #32

The Coil team is an eclectic mix of people who love the web and want to make it better. Coil Staff Picks highlights new, original and authentic voices within the Coil Creator ecosystem: publishers, independent bloggers, journalists, photographers, YouTube and Twitch streamers and more.

Sweeten your days with some of our favorite picks this week.

Support Creators: Musicians

Sounds Innovative: is now Web Monetized!

source: is now web monetized! This means Coil subscribers are supporting the workers and artists making music more equitable for artists and to operate transparently & ethically.

Ampled, a project incubated at the New Museum, is a Patreon-like, artist and worker-owned cooperative that enables musicians to share original audio and other content with fans for a monthly donation.


Ampled’s mission is to make music more equitable for artists and to operate transparently & ethically.

Ampled is collectively built by group of over 20+ people working to build sustainable community support systems — including former employees of Kickstarter, Patreon, and Spotify. 80% of Ampled contributors are musicians.


Support Creators: Podcasts

Solidarity Podcast is now Web Monetized!

source: creates a community for women in all walks of life to share their experiences whether they are battles or victories. Warm your ears with Riley's new podcast and support the positive residual impacts of her new avenue in content.

Solidarity Podcast highlights the experiences of womanhood, offering the public a space for comfort and faith.

" Honest & full of heart
" Such a timely podcast in this season,
" so full of love, truth, honesty
" & encouragement. It’s only just begun.
" I can’t wait to hear more!

Support Creators: Recipe & Food Blog

The Mind, Untangled. is now Web Monetized!

by Sandra Scala


Looking for something new to cook? Now you can find all of Sandra’s most recent recipes on her personal blog.

Support Creators: Blogs

Ichthyoid is now Web Monetized!

by Isaac Hu


Review the next chapters of Basic Economy on Isaac’s new blog page.

Support Creators: Web Developers

AfricaHacks is now Web Monetized!


Looking for some help to build your start up? Check out this platform who’s mission is to help African youth build tech startups and find jobs.

Support Creators: Blogs is now Web Monetized!

by Aleksandar Todorović


Are you a sysadmins, DevOps engineer, or just an open source enthusiast looking for some guidance? Former Mozilla Web Fellow, Aleksandar, provides great resources that can help you on his platform.

Support Creators: Web Developers

Genics Blog is now Web Monetized!

by Gourav Khunger


Get a load of this young and talented app developer’s blog full of informative tips and tricks.

Support Creators: Poetry

ALLUSIONS OF MY SOUL is now Web Monetized!

by Mr Kumo


A beautiful piece capturing the powerful complexities of love.

Support Creators: Blogs

Mo' Money Mo' Problems is now Web Monetized!

by Casio Wiser


Enrich your life by putting your energy into these important factors of life.

Support Creators: Artists

#1 Comic Art: Rooftop Rampage is now Web Monetized!

by Kassjan Smyczek


Learn some new art skills with Kass as he reviews his techniques.

Support Creators: Mathematicians

One Mathematical Cat is now Web Monetized!


Sharpen your mind with these guided practices offered both online and offline.

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Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s recent favorite web monetized posts and content. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections are listed in random order.

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