March 18, 2021

Coil Staff Picks #33

The Coil team is an eclectic mix of people who love the web and want to make it better. Coil Staff Picks highlights new, original and authentic voices within the Coil Creator ecosystem: publishers, independent bloggers, journalists, photographers, YouTube and Twitch streamers and more.

Bounce your way into March with some of our favorite picks this week.

Support Creators: Film

THE FAITHFUL - Watch Live WORLD PREMIERE 3/18! is now Web Monetized!


The Faithful is the first feature film funded by Grant for the Web and premiers exclusively for web monetization. Support this community as they take unprecedented directions to build and showcase their films.

The Faithful dives into the legacies of Pope John Paul II, Elvis Presley and Princess Diana through Annie Berman's lense. Take an adventure with Berman as she follows their footprint and explores the glories they've left behind.


Support Creators: Musicians

Audiotarky is now Web Monetized!

source:$/ is a platform created to help artists and their labels get paid directly through web monetization. As a Coil subscriber, you can support your favorite artists at $0.36 per hour just by listening to them.

Audiotarky is a project created by GitHub with support from Grant for the Web. This platform was designed to support artists and benefit listeners who's activities would not be tracked.


Audiotarky's mission is to promote privacy & fairness in front of algorithms & shareholders, creating a diverse income stream for musicians.


Support Creators: Fashion Blog

In Thing is now Web Monetized!

source: is created by Trinidadian writer Kamara Williams. Support her mission to inspire and encourage people to follow their dreams and look their best while doing it.

In Thing is a fashion and lifestyle platform captivating content of NYC's latest fashion trends and culture.


Support Creators: Games Community

Wowhead is now Web Monetized!

source: is the largest online information guide for World of Warcraft. Gamers can now support their favorite games community.

Support Creators: Developer Blog

Support Web Monetization and HODL! — How to receive micropayment in $BTC (or $Ɖoge) on your website is now Web Monetized!


We are all familiar with Tomomi's GirlieMac! Blog. Check out her profile for her latest content on how to receive digital micropayments and invest in you.

Support Creators: Digital Media Strategist

Coil Web Monetization Plugin for WordPress – Set Up and Troubleshooting Issues is now Web Monetized!


Need a little help setting up your WordPress Plugin? Erica has you covered.

Support Creators: Personal Blog

Monthly Mixtape - February 2021 is now Web Monetized!

by Sophie Chanko


Sophie Chanko shares her monthly mixtape. Add some flavor to your playlist with this lovely mix.

Support Creators: Developer Blog

Paul Bakaus is now Web Monetized!


Get some nifty wisdom from the very Head of Web Creator Relations at Google.

Support Creators: Developer Blog

The Mighty Programmer is now Web Monetized!

by Puneet Sapra


Need a little help understand software design? Check out Puneet's blog for helpful tips.

Support Creators: Food Blog

Natlicious food is now Web Monetized!

by Natali Eleftheriou


Looking to make some changes to your diet? Switch it up with these plant based food recipes.

Support Creators: Artist

Wordless Wednesday NFT Edition is now Web Monetized!

by Peter Ray Hicks


Peter adds a special twist to wordless wednesday, creating a captivating NFT.

Support Creators: Developer Blog

Anjanesh Lekshminarayanan is now Web Monetized!

by Anjanesh Lekshminarayanan


Sharpen your UI developer skills with Anjanesh.

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