April 12, 2021

Coil Staff Picks #34

The Coil team is an eclectic mix of people who love the web and want to make it better. Coil Staff Picks highlights new, original and authentic voices within the Coil Creator ecosystem: publishers, independent bloggers, journalists, photographers, YouTube and Twitch streamers and more.

On the hunt for some golden content? This week's staff picks will leave you egg-cited for more.

Support Creators: Designers

Design Club is now Web Monetized!

source: is an online platform providing resources and projects for children of all ages. Support your future designers with these free tools.

Design Club's mission is to foster empathy, collaboration and problem-solving skills through their worksheets and projects.


With free access to workshop material, mentors are able to build their own after school programs and clubs. Design Club also has a Slack channel and provides meet ups for volunteers, promoting and building a community of mentorship and support.


Support Creators: Artists

Critical Read is now Web Monetized!

source: is a non-profit publishing site that reintroduces the hidden and forgotten histories of art. Support these uncovered and raw narratives.


Critical Read widens the selections of art history, promoting a more inclusive library reflecting the lost gems of American art.


Support Creators: Developers

Web Directions is now Web Monetized!

source: offers year round conferences for front end and full stack professionals. Take advantage of these events that are now catered to online services.


Web Directions is committed to creating a space of learning and inspiration by bringing together the web industry's leading experts. These events are purposed to build a space for peers to connect, build their skills, and have fun doing it.


Support Creators: Blog

The first NFTs on the XRPL, Metadata, and art dealers is Web Monetized!

by Hubert Getrouw


Learn how to create NFTs on XRPL.

Support Creators: Geology

Daniel B. Brunson is now Web Monetized!


Interested in learning about geology? Check out Daniel's personal blog for some geophysics expertise.

Support Creators: Blog

Long Distance Friendships is Web Monetized!

by Riley Q


Just moved somewhere new and need a little help maintaining your friendships? Check out some helpful tips from Riley.

Support Creators: Musicians

High Noon Audio is now Web Monetized!


Get some professional help with mixing and mastering your music.

Support Creators: Blog

Lessons from the mountains is Web Monetized!

by Cíntia


Take a trip with Cintia as she discovers a sense of presence and an appreciation of life's gifts.

Support Creators: Games

Five cool Web Monetized games to play right now is Web Monetized!

by js13kGames


Looking for some new games to play? Check out this list.

Support Creators: Science

Jatan Mehta is now Web Monetized!

by uncertainquark


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go to the moon? Now you can stay up to date on all the missions with a former moon science officer's online newsletter.

Support Creators: Design

Case Organic is now Web Monetized!


Amber Case is an international design advocate that specializes in studying the evolution of relationships between people and technology. Check out her latest blog post HOW TO WEB MONETIZE YOUR CONTENT AND SUPPORT CREATORS ONLINE WITH MICROPAYMENTS.

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