May 5, 2021

Coil Staff Picks #35

The Coil team is an eclectic mix of people who love the web and want to make it better. Coil Staff Picks highlights new, original and authentic voices within the Coil Creator ecosystem: publishers, independent bloggers, journalists, photographers, YouTube and Twitch streamers and more.

Spring into some of our favorite picks this week.

Support Creators: News

bywire is now Web Monetized!

source: is a reliable platform designed to provide honest and audience-led news, supporting independent media outlets and journalists.

bywire's mission is to resurface the lost voices of the community and provide a space that allows them to curate content from publishers that they are interested in hearing from.


This online decentralized news platform allows you to support your favorite creators and earn rewards by reading their content.

Support Creators: AV Design

MozFest Accessibility with Hyperaudio is now Web Monetized!

source: makes audiovisual media accessible through metadata/interactive transcripts. Support creators and give accessibility back to the community.

Hyperaudio not only promotes media literacy but is beneficial during this time of increased online conferences and meetings.


Support Creators: Design

Charlie is now Web Monetized!


Expand your creativity in design with Charlie, a product designer at Waverly.


Support Creators: Blog

Wounds & Scars is Web Monetized!


Learn how to communicate your needs in times of healing.

Support Creators: Blog

The Biology of Plant Transpiration and VPD is Web Monetized!


Ever wonder why your plants are “sweating”? Grasp how this process works and how it can affect the health and growth of your plants.

Support Creators: Blog

How to make Cannoli is now Web Monetized!

by Sandra Scala


Craving something sweet? Check out Sandra's Cannoli recipe.

Support Creators: Blog

Spiritual Law of Manifestation is now Web Monetized!


Learn how to use the laws of attraction to bring wealth, love and prosperity into your life.

Support Creators: Blog

A step by step guide to - Growth as a Creator. is now Web Monetized!

by TacoSmurfz


Follow these tips on how to create your online presence and lay the groundwork for quality production.

Support Creators: Developer

30 Web Developer Portfolios to Inspire You is now Web Monetized!


Looking to add some vibrancy to your portfolios? Get some inspiration from this list.

Support Creators: Blog

Why I Purchased a Gala Games Node and FAQs is now Web Monetized!

by EIGeneralWash


Thinking about investing in a Gala Node? Learn all about the process here.

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Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s recent favorite web monetized posts and content. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections are listed in random order.

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