November 14, 2019

Coil Staff Picks #4

Another week, another eclectic mix of picks and perspectives. Enjoy!

How to Write a Book: The Creative Process

by Ken Melendez

Thinking about writing a book? Ken Melendez has some experience in this area. Ken’s thorough post takes us from conception to publication and offers plenty of advice to guide the first time writer.

The Face She Saw (Horror Short-Story)

by Isaiah Buffaloboy

Do you love scary movies and the horror genre as much as we do? The Face She Saw is a thrilling and twisted tale of a young woman fleeing for her life as a disturbing two-faced creature pursues her.

Building a Culture of Kindness: The Power of a Hug

by Orlando Buck

Some stories leave a lasting impression on us. This is one of those stories. It begins with one of the worst experiences a parent can imagine and morphs into a beautiful tale of recovery, kindness, and ultimately, triumph.

Baltimore’s Fierce History

by Lauren Lewis

Lauren Lewis’s history articles are always good for educational entertainment. In this piece, she discusses Baltimore City and its storied history of rioting.

Utility is Key

by David Keener

David Keener’s comic is just what the crypto enthusiast needs for a quick laugh. His artistic style is also impressive.

3 Pre-Christmas trips to the movies

by Seth Stanley

Before we begin the chaos of the holiday season - last minute shopping, fighting for the last ham at the grocery store, and endless lines to meet Santa Claus - let’s treat ourselves to some movies that have nothing to do with the holidays. Check out Seth’s pre-Christmas recommendations of upcoming movie releases.

The Blab with Nordic Ann

by Ramon Ramentol

Next up in Ramon Ramentol’s charming The Blab series: An interview with Nordic Ann (aka the queen of everything). Grab your coffee and enjoy.

Near Capitol Square 1960s, Madison, WI

by Billie Paige

Billie Paige is always digging up fascinating gems in her historical photo posts. This series of unique and dramatic images from Madison, Wisconsin in the 1960s paints the picture of a divisive and controversial time.

Only Stroke Survivors Understand

by Bajan Stroke Survivor

Rochelle’s story is an inspiring tale of survival and perseverance. We’re rooting for her recovery!

UK Election: what to do if you hoped for a Brexit referendum?

by Derek Groen

Derek Groen provides perspective on “the whole Brexit soap opera,” while explaining and simplifying the election with his Referendum2Election translator.


by Sandra Scala

Sandra Scala post is poignant as ever as she discusses the pressures of adulthood and appreciating the little blessings in life.

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