December 5, 2019

Coil Staff Picks #6

Our latest selection of picks is filled with music, art, gaming, comedy and inspiration. Enjoy!

15 Years of Crafting - Altes Haus Dollhouse

by Billie Paige

This is the tale of a man with an incredible dedication to his craft. Leslie Evans has painstakingly recreated a scale model of the Altes Haus, a 1368 restaurant in Bacharach, Germany. The details are so intricate, it’s difficult to discern the pictures of the model from pictures of the historic site.

Looking for new Christmas music? SHEE released her Christmas Ep: It’s Christmas, today!


We love SHEE’s unique sound and her It’s Christmas track delivers lovely holiday cheer.

Building a Culture of Kindness: Better than I Deserve

by Orlando Buck

Better than I Deserve is a kind reminder to be thankful for what we already have and give back to those who have less.

People Who Know Me- Original Song

by Riley Q

Riley has released another gem that tugs the heart strings. People Who Know Me is a song that encapsulates the feelings we experience with age.

Art of the Steadicam- Boogie Nights

by Niels

Niels breaks down the opening scene of Boogie Nights and explains why the shot is so remarkable. His passion for the art of film and his knowledge of the technical aspects behind the scenes are impressive.

Opossum! [Face To Face]

by Dusty Showers

Dusty Showers provides an educational and surprisingly adorable video about the abundant and generally harmless critter. Perhaps now, if you see an opossum in the yard, you will not be so quick to call the exterminator.

Risk of Rain 2: Such an Underrated Game

by NickelInDime

NickelInDime has shown us again that he is quite the multi-talented individual. This time he was kind enough to provide an exciting and challenging game that can be enjoyed in short bursts.

One More Update: November

by Ramon Ramentol

Ramon’s relentless dedication to the One More Home charity consistently shines.


by Excellearnt

Excel is one of those programs that is easy to pick-up, but difficult to master. Fortunately, resources like Exellearnt are available to teach both beginners and experienced Excel users alike.

Python tutorial: Variables and bags

by Bored in Lyon

We love seeing coding tutorials on Coil. In this one, Bored in Lyon shares Python tips and tricks.

Pixel Art tutorial - Unicorn

by Adam Waring

Adam Waring shows off yet another talent in this Pixel art tutorial on how to create your very own eight bit unicorn.

How to make a Yogurt cake even better?!

by Patricia C

Patty C shares another delicious recipe. We’re excited to try our hand at her yogurt cake, even though we have a sneaking suspicion it will not turn out like the one in the picture.

A Necessary Game Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

by Steven Sands

The Force is strong with this one. The hype surrounding the new Star Wars game is hard to escape and this detailed review explains why.

About Coil Staff Picks

Coil Staff Picks highlight some of the team’s favorite posts from the previous week. The staff’s selection guidelines are meant to be inclusive of all genres and content and limited to original, high quality creations. All selections have been published or linked on Coil and are listed in random order.

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