June 14, 2019

Coil’s Boosting Pilot for Creators

At Coil, we want to support creators who are publishing exceptional content and providing subscribers with a premium experience. With this in mind, we are experimenting with a boosting program for creators. The pilot will start with a small number of creators and may grow if it is successful.

The spirit of the program is to help extraordinary creators earn more money, and ensure that Coil subscribers have access to the best content.

How does it work?

Qualifying creators will periodically receive boosting payments on top of their regular earnings from Coil. Initially, we will send boosting payments on a monthly basis, but the frequency may evolve over the course of the pilot.

The amount of the boosting payment will vary based on the quality of your content and its popularity with Coil subscribers during the boosting period.

How do I qualify for the boosting pilot?

Our team is constantly vetting newly posted content on the Explore Page, including external links posted on Coil. So if you’re publishing or linking to your best work on Coil, we promise you that we will see it. If you think we’re missing something, you can also apply for the boosting pilot by filling out this application form. If you qualify, you will receive an email notification.

Updated 11/2/2020: We’re not accepting new submissions at this time, but we’re continuously working on new ways to nurture and grow the Coil community and Web Monetization ecosystem. So please stay tuned for future updates!

Qualifying content guidelines

• Your content must be original.

• An element of your content should be exclusive to Coil subscribers. You can achieve this by using the split feature or subscriber-only feature. The 100+20 rule for premium content may also provide inspiration for best practices.

• Consistently post new content to help maximize your exposure to the subscriber community and garner upvotes.

• Follow best practices when creating content for

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