December 12, 2019

Staff Picks #7

Coil staff picks are never in rank order, but we're not gonna lie - this week's Killer Queen game review post is pretty killer.

Game Review- Killer Queen

by Adam Waring

We too are obsessed with Killer Queen and Killer Queen Black! Waring provides an excellent tutorial on the path to team victory and all the decisions involved to get you there.


by Bjorn Ritzl

Check out this gem by Bjorn Ritzel, and see if you can beat our top score of 27. Trust us, the game is a lot harder than it appears.

Google Stadia Impressions

by Macropolo

While we’re on the topic of gaming, Macropolo has released another first impressions post, this time reviewing Google’s new foray into gaming.

Japan Life #6 - Food

by Allen W L

There’s no shortage of us at Coil who love Japanese culture and cuisine. Allen’s Japan Life series makes us hungry for more.

Codependent Women and Narcissistic Men: The Toxic Relationship

by Christian Rizea

Christian Rizea dissects an all too common toxic pairing of personality types and explains how the Narcissist and the Codependent feed off of one another, creating a vicious cycle.

Are Cell Phones Slowly Killing Us?

by Ken Melendez

We could all use a little time away from the screen that never leaves our side. Ken Melendez explores our collective cell phone addictions and how they make it more difficult to form meaningful connections.

Science and the media (Boffins Office 6)

by Derek Groen

If you've ever wondered how the media distills complex research into irresistible click-bait, Derek Groen has some insights. Here he discusses the delicate balance of reaching a broad audience without losing the accuracy and intent of the research.

The Video Store

by Niels

Before the era of streaming and downloading, people had to actually get into their cars and drive to a physical location to rent new movies they wanted to see. Younger readers may gasp at the inconvenience, but there was a charm to the local video store that’s lost in today’s digital age.

Art on Coil: Night Life

by Leslie joy Art

We never tire of Leslie’s visual eye candy. We are accustomed to the bright, vibrant colors of her work, but we also find the stark contrast of her black and white patterns to be quite mesmerizing.

Let it Snow

by Riley Q

Riley Q continues to make the season brighter with her holiday tunes, including her rendition of Let it Snow.

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