Coil bids farewell, but not goodbye

Brand guidelines

The Coil brand includes the words, phrases, symbols, designs and other distinctive brand features associated with Coil and our services (“Brand Assets”).

Coil Brand Assets

Before using the Coil Brand Assets, please make sure that you follow these guidelines.

Download logo assets

Coil logo usage

Primary white logo
White logo on black background
Primary black logo
Black logo on white background
Limited Use
Black logo on colored background
Do not use the primary black or white logo on an overly busy background.


When placing our logo next to other logos in horizontal or vertical orientation attempt to make all logos appear visually equivalent, with appropriate and visually consistent spacing.

Coil icon usage

The Coil icon is reserved for social media applications, favicons, and in specific instances where the full Coil logo does not work due to size or format.

Primary use
Two-color black & white icon
Limited use
one-color white icon
Limited use
one-color black icon

Restrictions on naming and logos

Naming your service, website, or social page

We have a few pointers to consider when you use or talk about Coil in your service, website, social page, application, etc.

Your logo

Your logo should not include, or look similar to the Coil logo or any of its brand elements (e.g. Coil icon, the Coil swirl). Please do not incorporate Coil’s trademarks, in whole or in part, in the name of your company, product, application, service, or website.

Examples of correct and incorrect use

You can suggest that your brand is about Coil
Do not use parts of the Coil logo in your logo design
Do not use Coil in the beginning of your name
Do not use names that sound like Coil